Please book your session approximately four to six weeks in advance to ensure availability. Sessions are limited, so I can fully customize each session to the particular client's needs and give them 100%.

Sessions are either held indoors/outdoors at your home or at another local outside location.  

 Sessions may last up to two hours and include plenty of time for feedings, snack breaks and the like (Baby Shark dance party, anyone?).

We'll kick off our sneaks (or you can keep yours on, if you want them in your pics), get ourselves caffeinated, and then, we’ll basically just hang out!

Both parents and children are encouraged to approach the session as a "playdate."

You can choose a theme or activity for the family to engage in–or not. From letting the girls (finally) don their princess gowns all day and jump up & down on their beds (with permission) to drinking hot cocoa & cuddling on the couch, I’ve seen (and photographed) it all with mega-awesome results.

Basically, a session with me will feel like we’re just relaxing & having fun (especially to the wee ones), but the images captured at your session will reveal so much more--truly timeless moments that will become part of your family's history.

And seriously–I know it’s so easy to think things like, "But what if my kid doesn't behave?" or “But Kristine, you really don’t understand how bonkers my family is!” but there is truly no need to stress, sister. After approximately a million photoshoots (give or take), I’m a master at diffusing any weird situations at best & turning even the most bonkers and off-the-wall situations into fabulous photos at worst. You can’t lose, mama!

In general, sessions go like this: 

(Including making a fool out of myself if necessary. Hey, my motto isn’t “you gotta have fun to get ‘er done” for nothin’!)

Rest assured that every step of the way, I’ll do everything in my power to put you and your littles at ease.

All you have to do is show up!

Session Fee includes up to two hours shooting time as well as pre- and post-session consults. This includes working together to come up with a fun location, as well as picking the perfect pieces of clothing, themes and/or activities and dreaming up anything else you’d like to incorporate into your family’s soon-to-be fave day ever. Remember, we want the session to be customized to you and your family!

Session Fee does not include photos or products.

Session Fee is for up to four people. Each additional person is $50.

Collections are available starting at $850. Please email for details.

Gift Certificates are available in any denomination.

Prices subject to change

Session Fees:
In-Home: $250
Outdoor On Location: $250
Newborns: $250

Every single photo is retouched with tender loving care. Once this process is finito, you’ll receive a link via email to a personalized online slideshow to preview your (precious) proofs.

Purchasing is available either online via an online shopping cart or from the comfort of your own home. (Yes–I come to you!)


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