Imagine a family photo session that’s stress-free for you and fun for the wee ones…

That’s what a day with Kristine Ryan photography is like. 

Where every image you walk away with looks and feels like your fun/funny/fabulous little family...

And where the lady behind the lens is actually kind of a blast...

Hi, I’m Kristine, the wine-loving, sarcasm-slinging & forever-joking brunette behind the lens.

(See also: The most fun serious photographer you’ll ever meet.)

At Kristine Ryan Photography, I specialize in moment-driven, family & newborn photography that captures your wild & wonderful crew just the way you are.

Whether we’re in your natural habitat (your home or backyard), outdoors (at the location of your choice) or in-studio, I’m here to help families like yours capture (real) precious moments & have (a lotta) fun doing it!

For over 15 years, I’ve been professionally wielding a camera. And to date, I’ve helped over 500 moms like you memorialize the seemingly mundane moments & see the beauty in all life’s little details. (Even the messy ones.)

...Oh, and all while having a stress and sweat-free experience, too, of course. (And if there is sweat, it’s usually minimal. And most likely from me, given that I’ve definitely been known to contort myself into strange positions to get the perfect angle or just-right shot.)

It’s truly my mission to make this whole “family photo thing” SO easy, simple &’ll wonder why you were ever worried in the first place.

Your shoot day – and everything leading up to it – should be easy & seamless. From our first interaction to the final (bee-you-tiful) product, I’ll be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer. Whether you want me to literally pick out your outfit (I’ve done it) or just want me to show up on shoot day with a killer cold brew & a warm heart, whatever you & your littles need to feel comfortable enough to be yourselves on camera, I’m (as the kids say) here for it. I want you to have fun, let your hair down and let the kids run, jump & play with wild abandon. ‘Cause if you ask me, that’s how “getting family photos” done should be (plus that’s how you capture the best, most authentic moments anyway!)

There are two big things I believe about family photography:

Your family should receive final photos that reflect who you really are–not overly posed versions of who you were for .5 seconds. Listen, I’m a mom, too. I know how important photos are, because I know how important family is. I know that once this current moment, stage or age is gone, it’s gone for good.

I also know the pressure so many of us feel nowadays to look put together like all the time.

But given that I’ve photographed literally thousands of people spanning multiple decades (am I dating myself here?), I also also know that super-pose-y photos don’t hold nearly as much sentimental value as the real, candid ones –you know, like the photos that show real deep belly laughs, real uncontrollable giggles and even real funny-squinty faces that sometimes resemble strange sea creatures.

The truth is every little detail – from your son’s silly smirk to your toddler’s no-holds-barred cry to your baby girl’s crooked half-smile (and yes, even that tiny bit of drool that just seems to love to hang out on your six-month-old’s chubby chin) – is precious and perfect just the way it is.

And showing you the true beauty in these details, through fabulously authentic photos?

It’s basically my life goal.

So, whether you want family photos for your custom-crafted mantle or your holiday cards; your gallery wall or your Instagram  (or any combo of the above)... 

…I’ve got you.

So, let’s capture the true essence of your fab little (or big!) family on film, shall we? 

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- Kristine

Other Stuff You-Might-Not-But-Totally-Should-Know-About-Me (Just Because)

– I’ve photographed over 500 families over the last several decades.

– I love my children, sushi, sleep, laughing, martinis, Swedish fish (who am I kidding...I love ALL gummy candy!), and yoga--not necessarily in that order. (Some days I love the martinis best - especially combined with laughing!) I secretly love reading tabloid magazines and not-so-secretly wish that I could sleep late once in a while.

– I also loathe black jelly beans & when people are mean to the waiter. (Unless the waiter is mean first.) Ew.