(Oh, who am I kidding? I know you do. I’m a mom, too.) 

I’ve answered the most popular ones below.

I hear you. I used to go that route, too. But as someone with a now-teenage daughter, I can honestly say I wish I had more “everyday” pictures that showcased what my daughter–and our lives, homes and heck, hairstyles–were like along the way.

That’s why when I work with clients, it’s less about “everybody look at the camera!” and more about “everybody do you!” because I find that’s where the most fantastic photos come from. (Not forcing everyone to say “cheese!”–I’d much rather photograph you eating cheese than saying it, TBH.)

Also, from what I hear from clients, there’s something so special about not only working with a photographer who takes the time to get to know your family, but also works with you to ensure your photos reflect exactly who you are.

I truly pour my heart & soul into this work, and do everything in my power to capture the (seemingly) little things you’ll one day cherish in a (very) big way.

JC Penney can’t hold a candle (er, or a camera) to that. :)

How long have you been doing this?

Since 2005. To date, I’ve helped over 500 moms just like you capture their kids on camera–in the very best light (literally and figuratively). Basically: I know what I’m doin’ and I love doin’ it, too!

Do I really need custom photography? Can’t I just go to JC Penney, pay $50 and call it a day? 

The session fee is $250. It’s essentially the cost for me to shoot the photos & hold pre- and post-session consults. Each session fee includes:

• All pre-session planning meeting to come up with a unique, custom session for your family (including choosing a location, outfits, themes & activities and more),
• Up to two hours shooting time
• 30-40 images to choose from
• Custom image preparation and retouching
• Optional in-person ordering consult
• Optional online ordering gallery
• Optional online sneak peek preview
• Flexible rescheduling

Can you explain the “session fee”? What is it & what is included?

Don’t worry, mama! Rest assured I’m awesome – a legitimate pro – at handling any potential meltdowns or mishaps.

You literally have nothing to worry about. :)

What should I expect during the actual session?


In all seriousness, each session lasts up to two hours. During that time, you’ll do your thing (or another fun activity we’ve planned). As for me, I’ll follow you around with my Nikon, give a few directions, make a few ridiculous faces and basically, document all the “traditional” moments you’d expect, plus the unexpected ones, too.

You should also expect to encounter a photographer (that’s me!) with loads of patience, lots of kindness and a keen understanding that whatever happens, happens–and was meant to happen. (Trust moi: After many sessions, I know the best photos can come from the silly moments or “mistakes” – so there’s no “wrong way” to do this!)

But what about meltdowns or temper tantrums? They’re not fun at all.

You aren’t required to bring or have anything, but your family & your love for each other. (Cute, right?)

However, most mamas find that toting along their tots fave toys and other items if we’re doing an outdoor shoot – or incorporating them into the day if we’re doing an in-home session – can really ease any photoshoot day jitters, meltdowns or screams for “MAMA!”.

Also: Feel free to stock up on ALL the snacks. (I won’t ask for any, but I can almost guarantee the kiddos will.)

Do I need to bring anything – props, outfit changes, etc.?

Yes, yes and yes!

I can be as hands-on during this process as you’d like, so there’s no need to stress about a single detail. (Especially the clothes part. I get it.) Wanna text me from the mall dressing room & ask my opinion on little Jaxon’s shirt or your new wrap dress? No problem. Need me to suggest the most fabulous local makeup artistes or where to get the best blowout for your buck? I can help. Want help picking a true-to-you theme or location? Mm-hmm. I’m your girl.

Seriously: I’m delighted to help you as you make decisions about how you want to show up for your shoot, including wardrobe, makeup and more.

Basically? I’ve got you, babe.

Sounds great. But like..what if I/we don’t know WTF to wear or something? Can you help?

After we’ve captured your family on film, I’ll head to my Babe Cave and individually retouch each image with a crazy (some might say obsessive) amount of love and care.

After approx. 3 weeks, I’ll send you a link to an online slideshow to view the proofs of your images from the comfort of your own cozy couch. Once you’ve scoped ‘em all out, you’ll have the choice to checkout online with an easy-to-use online shopping cart or set up an in-person ordering session.

Whether you order online or off, you’ll get to pick exactly which photographs you want and how you want them– whether that’s as prints, albums, canvas, or any other variety of lovingly-handcrafted photo products we offer.

If we meet in person, I’ll pop on over to your place with our pretty pricing guide, samples of our various products & your favorite order from Starbucks, obviously. You don’t have to do a thing but ask any lingering questions, place your order & get stoked about the images coming your way! (Oh and bonus: While doing in-person orders, I’ll also make personalized recommendations for photo products I think would enhance your living space! Yeah, I’m that person.)

Finally, once your order is ready, you can come pick them up or I can drop them off. And then they’re yours forever–just like your family! ;)

Okay, so be real with me. Is this really going to be a good time?

Definitely! But here’s the best part: You won’t just have a blast on shoot day, you’ll also have treasured hold-em-in-your-hand mementos from the day to look back on forever. Whether you decide to pass ‘em on down to the kids when they fly the coop or simply hang onto like the heirlooms-to-be they are is totes up to you. Either way, it’s a win-win scenario!

How does the print/file-buying process work?

Let’s talk ASAP. (I’m usually booked 4-6 weeks in advance.)
Use the contact form below to get in touch. 

I’m SO ready. How do I book/reserve a session?


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